Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanza Teasa

Here is a quick look at our trip to Tanzania and Kenya as told by random pictures (and captions!).  Kristi will come along to put together a comprehensive post.  Consider this your teaser:

That dorky stretch pose is really my giraffe impression...really!

Kristi beckons the driver to get into hugging distance of her keenly spotted giraffe

Alas, foiled by short arms and the giraffe's long legs.  Maybe he didn't appreciate all that pointing!

Kristi vents her frustrations and a lifelong stint at vegetarianism comes to a shocking, yet fulfilling end.

I begin my search for the elusive elephant

Tree damage sparks my hunter instincts

I discover more elephant signs plopped right in front of me.  A quick taste at the freshness level tells me they're not far, and not getting enough carbs in their diet

I throw down the bulky binocs to put faith in the 20/20 vision I was so lucky to be born with

Kristi seemed to think trusting our guide was the way to go...

... and what do you know, she's right (again!).  Wish she would've convinced me before I got sick from that taste test.

Dumbo and Bumbo

I know they say elephants are smart, but I was surprised at how mannerly as well.

They even washed up afterward
<Elephant breaking into water tank for the campsite>

Artist depiction of park responsibilities of which this particular one we thought was a joke...(see above)

Our guide Malise didn't take crap from anyone...well except for the elephants.  Seriously, they're huge, you do what they say

Kristi attempts to draw out lions by communing in the form of a simba bathing impression

Hey that worked pretty well!

She may have let her new found skills go to her head

I gave it a try by calling upon the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

<Close up of tree from previous pic>

Pretty soon I had the animals eating out of my hand

Kristi contemplates the merits of getting outside the vehicle with only this 'fence' in between her and animals that are...well, much larger than her or said fence.

Feeling safer inside the vehicle, we force through a herd of African cattle.  "Seriously, we didn't come all the way from Texas to see Cows.  Move along, let's get to the good stuff!"

We were not shocked we lost one of the shocks on the trailer

With the condition of the roads, we were shocked we only got stuck once

You can't see it but I've got a smile on my face too, even with me doing all the work, because Kristi is busy taking such great pics of both of us...

Kristi duck-ducks her head out for a peek at a dik-dik ("deek-deek")

Kristi protecting herself from debris dropped by a tree dwelling monkey following her attempt at communication through a joke:
"How do monkeys get down the stairs?"
"They slide down the banana-ster."
Boos and debris soon followed...

My methods of communication revolve less around stand-up and more around mimicking.  Like napping on the rocks with the Hryax

Or trying out a termite meal

Or marking my territory where the Hyrax do

Baboon obstacles.  Just like dodging rocks...that move...and bite

Kristi and I racing through a banana plantation.  Loser had to fight a lion!

I Win then Kristi takes him down with ease.  The lion's fighting skills were a bit rusty in my opinion.

I started reading The Cosmos by Carl Sagan in the plane on the way to Tanzania.  I discovered one of the pictures shows the oldest known footprint of our bipedal ancestors and it's located at one of our destinations, Oldupai Gorge / Laetoli

Similar picture in the Oldupai Gorge Museum

Touching History.  OK OK, a plastered version of History.

Recreating History

Kristi's attempt at a hominid impression... needs some work.  She's poised for a killer back flip though.  Any other suggestions from the readers at what it looks like Kristi is doing?

Enlightened at Sunset

"Thank you ancestors for figuring out that whole fire and wheel thing!"

Our walking, more like dragging, sticks halfway up Oldonyo Lengai, the active volcano we climbed.

A 'few' local brews to end a wonderful trip.  All pics taken after opening have been omitted.

Thanks Duma!